Argil Brighid Creations: Ceramics, Classes, Health/Cleaning Products

Argil Brighid Creations:I started working with ceramics again in 2013, as a way to provide myself home rehabilitation, since my hands were very weak and my arms seemed fatigued because of Fibromyalgia with adrenal exhaustion. It began as just a hobby and as I focused on my health and healing, it led me to help others find healing through creative arts.

Our online stores are not up and running yet, but we hope to have an online click and shop site ready for anyone who loves ceramics, art and all natural cleaning, beauty and health products. I do plan on having Chyndle Classes available again, as soon as I can.

  • Argil Brighid Ceramics
    • All dinnerware pieces are dishwasher, microwave and oven safe
    • All dinnerware pieces are lead free and food safe
    • My stoneware pottery are fired to approximately 2167 degrees Fahrenheit
    • I also specialize in one of a kind custom creations
    • Chyndle Classes: Offered periodically. The intention of creativity classes are to allow healing for the mind, body and spirit, while each individual is allowed the freedom to be creative in their own way. Some classes are building pots, while others are learning to paint or just being expressive artistically.
  • Argil Brighid Health, Home and Cleaning Products
    • Coming soon!!