Helping Hands Services

Helping Hands Services: Mission Statement

Our mission is to build lasting relationships through our community by providing trusting and loyal hands, extending assistance to those who are elderly or disabled in need of help with daily activities or events. We provide a dependable, enriched environment so those who need help each day are not sacrificing their dignity but instead are given hope to continue living a fulfilled life of vitality.

Helping Hands Services, focuses on helping all who are aging, living with disabilities, overwhelmed or injured in our community. We do everyday tasks, such as, housekeeping, errands, grocery shopping, laundry services and other tasks as needed by our clients. We currently serve the Elko and Spring Creek areas of Nevada. We soon will be serving Carlin and Wells areas, as soon as licensing allows.

Public and Community Service

We focus most of our attention on aging clients and those with disabilities. However, we also serve the general public. In this way, we are able to balance our revenue to keep our prices significantly low for our limited income clients.

Services Offered


All employees are thoroughly vetted by a third party vetting service, which includes drug testing and state and federal background checks. We specialize focusing on cleaning your home using all natural, non-toxic, fragrance free products which we make in house. All of our cleansers are microbial, as well. It takes us approximately 2-4 hours to clean a 3 bedroom, 2 bath home. If your income is limited, please see the sliding fee scale below. If you do not qualify for the sliding fee scale, many times we are able to workout a cleaning schedule based on what you can afford. You would be amazed at how much help just a 4 hour cleaning appointment can help in any given month. 


Is it difficult to get around? Do you hate to drive to the grocery store because of traffic? What about crowds in the super market? Do you get frustrated having to deal with so many rude people? Allow us to do your grocery shopping or errands for you. Give us your errand or shopping list and we handle all of your tasks. Send us your list, and we shop for your groceries, deliver them and put them away. We can even go through your pantries and organize, or dispose of all dated foods. We even clean and organize your refrigerator. For all prices and rates, please see below.


Helping Hands Services provides laundry service. We will set a day of the week for pick up of your dirty laundry and drop off of your clean and folded laundry. We can even organize your dressers and closets and put away all of your laundry once it is delivered. Again, we use all natural, plant based cleaning formulas for laundry, which are non-toxic, and fragrance free. For all prices and rates, please see below.

Companion Care:

We offer the elderly with emotional support and friendship, as well as practical help with everyday activities. It is a popular form of care for older adults who want to age in place in the comfort and safety of home, while remaining independent and socially active.